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Brembo Premium DOT 4 Brake Fluid

BREMBO DOT 4 Brake Fluid has an extremely high boiling point and lower viscosity than required, it meets and greatly exceeds regulatory standards. Also suitable for vehicles with ABS.

Brembo Premium brake fluids have a higher boiling point that exceeds the standard, thus offering superior resistance to the Vapour Lock and ensuring braking efficiency even at low temperatures. With high anti-corrosion properties and resistance to oxidation, Brembo brake fluid also allows for long-term unaltered chemical/physical characteristics of the fluid in operating circuit; therefore, preserving its integrity.

General Details:

Wet Boiling Point [°C] 165
Dry Boiling Point [°C] 260
Packing Type Bottle
Content [litre] 0,5
Quality DOT 4