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Clio 3 RS197/200 Supreme Motorsport Rotrex Supercharger Bracket kit


Supreme Motorsport is pleased to announce the release of the new Rotrex supercharger kit for the Clio MK3 rs197 / 200 models.

Kits includes:

- Complete Supercharger Bracket
- All Bolts needed
- Idler pulley to suit 110mm pulley*
- 6 rib belt to suit 110mm pulley*

Features summary: -

- Designed to work with the Rotrex C30 range of superchagers
- Billet 3 piece kit
- Hard coat black anodised finish
- Aesthetic design
- Utilises factory tensioner
- High quality
- Competitively priced
- Instant low end power delivery
- Absolutely no lag
- One year/20,000mile warranty*

The new Supreme Motorsport supercharger kit will product 290+ bhp straight out of the box, this is a huge improvement over the stock NA engine.

It provides ultimate street and track all round performance for both daily street driven vehicles and weekend track enthusiasts. Part throttle driving will return good fuel economy and excellent driveability. The power is delivered immediately with just a squeeze of the throttle.

Designed without compromise using the ultimate in CAD/CAM facilities the kits are manufactured utilising the latest CNC technology.


Full kits will be available to order soon along with a fully fitted option. 

*If you require a different belt please let us know