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DeatschWerks DW400 Universal 415l/h internal Fuel pump


DeatschWerks DW400 Universal 415l/h Internal Fuel pump

Fuel pump Universal

Plug and Play Motorsport Fuel Pump

DeatschWerks Series DW400

Engine: Variable
Capacity: 415 liters per hour
Contents: Compact fuel pump with clamps, with 9-1001 installation kit

Info: Only available as a set with the Combo Installation Kit

E85 Suitability: All DW pumps can be used with E85 and pure ethanol.

All DeatschWerks fuel pumps undergo a multi-stage performance test to ensure the highest standards. This process, carried out by trained technicians, gives consumers the assurance that they will not buy any off-the-shelf product.
The performance tests include:
- Flow at pressures of 40 psi, 60 psi, 80 psi, 100 psi- Power consumption at each pressure
- PRV activation point
- Check valve function
- Cavitation
- Quality control

DW400 series, 415 l/h compact fuel pump, with mounting clamps, with universal installation kit.