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Nuke Performance Fuel Filter 200mm AN-8 / AN-10

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Nuke Performance high flow motorsports PF200 fuel filter: Maximum filtration, minimal flow loss and 100% proof for alcoholic fuels.

This lightweight high flow fuel filter is equipped with the unique Nuke Performance welded fuel filter insert that is 100% proof for alcoholic fuels such as ethanol.

 Lightweight motorsports fuel filter
 Safe for petrol, methanol and ethanol
 Welded stainless steel filter insert
 200mm oversized filter element
 High flow, close to no flow loss
 AN-8 or AN-10 male fittings included

This is a true high-performance motorsports fuel filter, suitable for those with high demands for fuel flow and maximum filtration. These high-quality fuel filter is cheap insurance that protects your engine and should never be overlooked, without proper filtration it does not take long before something goes very wrong in your setup.


 10-micron Stainless steel filter inserts with welded end caps
The high-flow 200mm 10 microns stainless steel filter element is now made of 100% stainless steel with unique welded end caps that excludes the common glue that can dissolve when changing from petrol to ethanol or when running aggressive fuels such as race fuel. When running the new upgraded fuel filters from Nuke Performance you do not have to worry about failing filter elements ever again.

The new improved slim design grants high flow with close to no flow loss even when running high flowing high-pressure fuel pumps such as Deatchswerks DW400 and Ti Automotive GST450 / GST 520 (Walbro fuel pumps).


 10-micron Stainless steel filter inserts with welded end caps
To mount the slim-series fuel filters from Nuke Performance its recommended that you go with the Universal Brackets that is available in a single or dual setup. You can use one or two brackets for a single filter depending on your demands on how rigid your installation must be. Make sure to place your fuel filter at a safe location that prevents the filter from being deformed in case of an accident.

 Overdimensioned fittings included with the fuel filter

Overdimensioned AN-10 inlet/outlet made for highest flow possible and over-dimensioned fuel flow, choose between AN-8 Male or AN-10 Male fittings when placing order. Delivered with either 2x AN-10 to AN-10 male fittings (7/8 UNF) or 2x AN-10 to AN-8 male fittings (7/8 UNF).


 Developed in Sweden, guaranteeing the highest possible quality
The PF200 fuel filter is developed, designed and manufactures in Sweden by Nuke Performance for the highest possible quality and with the same hallmark as all the other parts in the lightweight motorsports range. There is no substitute for the quality of Nuke Performance!

 Changing your fuel filter insert due to heavy contamination.
We strongly recommend cleaning the internal filter unit once a season, especially when using ethanol due to its dissolving contaminations within the fuel system. If needed, due to heavy contamination you can buy a spare 200mm insert.

Technical information :
• Aluminium extrusion 6062-T6.
• 10-micron filtration.
• Delivered with AN-10 to AN-8 Male or AN-10 to AN-10 Male fittings.
• Thread guidé AN-10 7/8 UNF.
• Gasoline, Ethanol and Methanol proof.
• Welded filter element, contains no glue or adessive.
• 200 mm 10 micron Stainless steel replaceable filter element.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Length : 270 mm
Diameter : 54 mm
Weight : 799 g

* All measurements excluding the included fittings.