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Nuke Performance Fuel Filter Slim 10 / 100 micron


*Product can take up to 7 days to be delivered

High flow fuel filter, available with 10 and 100(stainless) micron filter elements. Slim design to fit to installations where space is an issue.
New improved design, much lighter than any Nuke Performance fuel filter been before.

Our filters is an inexpensive insurance policy to protect your engine. Nuke Performance fuel filters are of the highest possible quality, with minimal flow loss.

Designed to stand up to the destructive properties of alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.

High-flow, 10-micron or 100-micron (stainless steel), replaceable element. Stands high flow with minimal pressure drop.

3/4 UNF Ports, available Fittings to adapt these filters to AN-10, -08 or -06 line. Delivered with 2x AN-8 fittings.

When using ethanol and methanol fuel
10 micron: We strongly recommend to change the internal filter unit once a season, especially when using ethanol.
100 micron: We strongly recommend to clean the internal filter unit once a season, especially when using ethanol.

Use with our Universal Bracket to make a clean and safe installation in any vehicle. Made for demanding needs and extreme motorsport use. Nuke Performance high-flow fuel filters is light weight and extremely durable thanks to its unique design.

Technical information :
• Aluminium extrusion 6062-T6.
• 3/4 UNF Thread in both ends.
• Delivered with 2x 3/4 AN8.
• 3/4 UNF Ports, available to AN-6, AN-8 or AN-10 line.
• Laserengraved.

Measurements :
Length : 190 mm *
Diameter : 54 mm
Weight : 450 g

* All measurements including the supplied fittings.