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NUKE Performance - 2G Fuel Surge Tank 3.0 liter for up to three internal fuel pumps


*Product can take up to 7 days to be delivered


Fits up to two internal Walbro GST 450 fuel pumps

2nd generation with electrical control of pumps possible

The brand new Nuke Performance Fuel Catch Tank for use with one or two internal Walbro GST 450 fuel pumps. An internal Walbro GST 450 fuel pump, delivers 450 l/h at 3 bar fuel pressure.

The Walbro GST 450 single / dual fuel tank is the new market leader in quality and design and perfectly suited for use in turbo, compressor, or naturally aspirated engines. Developed and manufactured for extreme performance requirements, in well-known NUKE performance quality.

With the Nuke Fuel Catch tank you minimize the risk that the system will not suck in air in extremely hard maneuvers such as drift, dragracing circuit racingor even on the road, resulting in engine damage. The Fuel Catch Tank works as a buffer so that the fuel pump(s) always delivers the necessary fuel quantity and fuel pressure even under extreme conditions.
Also resistant to alcohol fuels, including methanol and ethanol.

The difference to the old version is:
- Instead of two AN-8 there is now one AN-10 outlet connection
- Instead of two electrical connections there are now three, so that a fuel pump control according to demand is now possible.
- Newly developed stand

Technical Information:
- CNC milled from aluminum alloy 6063
- Stainless steel pins for long durability
- Volume approx. 3 litres
- Supplied with 3x AN-8 and 1x AN-10 connectors
- Connection terminals for power supply
Complete kit for single or double Walbro GST 450. The fuel pumps are not included.