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Front Bush
Rear Bush

The Renault Megane wishbone bushes are under heavy loads when the car is driven hard. These Powerflex bushes keep the Renault Megane suspension geometry from altering, giving predictable handling at the limit.


These Powerflex Front Arm Bushes are suitable for the Renault Megane Mk2 models.

Powerflex Front Arm Front Bushes

Powerflex make the front arm front bushes on the Megane Mk2 as either a polyurethane equivalent of the standard bush (PFF60-501) or a modified design to include camber adjustment (PFF60-501G). These front arm front bushes are currently only available in the harder 'Black Series' 95 shore compound as this extra stiffness is required to cope with the loads put through the mount under cornering. These Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bushes are both a direct replacement for the Renault OE part number: 8200242025.

Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bushes

Powerflex make two different types of replacement parts for the front arm rear bushes on the Megane Mk2. The first of these is a direct polyurethane replacement in either the 'Road Series' 80 shore compound (PFF60-502) or the 'Black Series' 95 shore compound (PFF60-502BLK) which is roughly 25% stiffer - 80% stiffer vs oem rubber mounts. The second provides additional caster offset and also gives additional anti lift for improved traction. This anti-lift, caster version of the mount is also available in both the 'Road Series' (PFF60-502G) and 'Black Series' compounds (PFF60-502GBLK). These Powerflex Front Arm Rear Bushes are a direct replacement for the Renault OE part number: 8200041166.